Helping decarbonize insurance

Insurers have a massive unaddressed carbon footprint

The global insurance industry helps their customers by fixing what is broken, but in that process there is a sizable carbon footprint.

As an illustration, repairs of insured cars and properties add up to 1% of all global carbon emissions (read more).

Due to the sheer size of the insurance industry, reductions of the carbon footprint can have a major impact. We want to help insurers achieve this.

Key questions insurers are asking

  • What is the total carbon footprint of my operations and supply chain?
  • What is the expected carbon footprint of an insurance?
  • What is the realized carbon footprint of an individual claim?
  • How can I build and offer green insurance products to my customers?
  • What is the risk level linked to the transitional journey towards net zero?

Insurers can make a climate impact with our Claims Carbon SaaS

Identify and calculate total carbon footprint with focus on claims carbon

Our SaaS combines insurance and claims data, trusted emissions data, and proprietary data sets

Our model is in accordance with trusted standards and frameworks, and reports are back to back with financial reporting

Determine carbon footprint of individual claims and engage with supply chain

Enable supplier follow-up and target setting as well as carbon-aware handling and settlement of insurance claims

We’re working according to Science-Based Targets

Model the carbon footprint of individual insurance policies and offer green insurances

Support delivering carbon aware insurance solutions through pricing, product enhancements and risk selection / underwriting

We understand how insurance products are built and priced

Meet our team

Based in Stockholm, Oslo, and Helsinki we offer the right competence for exploring the carbon footprint of insurance. This enables us to apply global standards to our clients’ needs to analyze the carbon footprint in the entire insurance value chain.

Markko Waas

InsurTech entrepreneur and senior management positions in the insurance industry

Niklas Rosenberg

ICT consultant, insurance professional, and venture capital investor

Espen Husstad

C-level risk and insurance professional with a doctorate in mathematics

Rune Brunborg

Board member
Leading FinTech / ClimateTech entrepreneur and investor. C-level and board member in bank and insurance

Our vision is that the global insurance industry will reach net zero emissions in 2040

Get in touch to see how we together can make this happen