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Forerunners in the insurance industry are taking climate action

Given the challenges the world is facing in reaching net zero, it’s great to see that many large insurance companies are showing leadership and setting strong examples by disclosing ambitious climate goals.

Forerunners will be in a unique position to meet the needs of stakeholders and attract new customers through public disclosure of emissions, progress toward climate targets, and demonstration of environmental stewardship.

Insured Emissions and Claims Carbon Footprint

Insured Emissions and Claims Carbon Footprint

So far, most of the insurance industry’s work around climate and greenhouse gas emissions has focused on direct operations and investment portfolios. Next, insurers should establish baselines for their underwriting portfolios and supply chains, in which claims settlement plays a crucial role.

The insured emissions and the claims carbon footprint complement each other fittingly. The insured emissions are relevant for commercial insurance and it’s mainly a question of disclosing which type of companies and industries “you are willing to do business with”. The claims carbon footprint, on the other hand, works across both retail and commercial insurance and only focuses on the actual footprint of the insurance product itself.